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A 25+ year experience in the building of ships and yachts gives us a tremendous experience in steel construction techniques. We don’t do the boats anymore, but we still make specialized trailors, roofings and factory hall steel constructions. As well as reinforced concrete constructions, like reinforced walls for perimeters securing private or company land, often in combination with our Blocks.

We also use steel networks to reinforce our Plates so they can withstand 50 tons of weight. In combination with the plates and blocks many times we also do the complete car park roofing. From scratch we are able to give you a strong and sturdy construction that holds in any wind or hot weather and keeps your cars protected from rain, wind and sun.

Example of the cycle of a carpark roofing construction in Bangkok:
Example of one of our car park roof constructions:
Example of one of the motorbike car park roofs that we build:
Example of building reinforced walls securing the perimeters of private and company owned land:
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The Block and Plate from Thai Block Plate Co.,Ltd. are the optimal solution for rapid and flexible constructions.

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